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General desktop stationary

Croxley clear and neon 30cm Croxley clear and neon 30cm R0.00 Buy Now
Disa 15cm neon Disa 15cm neon R0.00 Buy Now
Rexel stapler Rexel stapler R0.00 Buy Now
Rexel staples Rexel staples R0.00 Buy Now

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1 x Deluxe Scraper 3cm Wooden Handle
1 x Long Handle Hygiene Scrub (Red)
1 x Dust pan set
1 x Platform Broom Millienium 610mm
1 x Hygiene Brush
1 x Metal Wringer Handle
1 x Gutter Sweeper Millienium 375mm
1 x Millenium 20mm BEE Paintbrush
1 x Deluxe Scraper 5cm Wooden Handle
1 x Treeline shorthand notebook feint
1 x Counter Book treeline 128pg
1 x Croxley Counter Book
1 x Counter Book treeline 1 quire 96pg
1 x Executive Pad
1 x Treeline A4 80 page examination pad, punched
1 x Treeline shorthand notebook centre line
1 x Examination Pad
1 x Treeline A6 memo Book 144pg
1 x Counter Book 3 Squire 288pg
1 x Treeline A5 128pg Manuscript Book
1 x Wire Cage Rat Trap
1 x Multiple Mouse Trap
1 x Snap Trap
1 x LTD Mouse Glue Trap
1 x Live Rat Trap
1 x Peti Mouse Bait Station
1 x Dyna-Jet L30
1 x Dyna-Fog L15
1 x Hurricane
1 x Cyclone Ultra (Please phone for price)
1 x Cyclone Ultra-Flex (Please phone for price)
1 x Maxi-Pro 1-45
1 x Supa-Kill 10kg
1 x Supa-kill 500gr
1 x Supa-Kill 100g Sachet
1 x Supa-Kill 250gr
1 x Supa-Kill 3kg
1 x Supa-Kill 100gr
1 x SHARP EL-231LB Handheld Calculator 8 Digit
1 x SHARP EL-334FB Semi-Desktop Calculator
1 x SHARP-EL-531-WHB BK Scientific Calculator
1 x SHARP EL-233SB Handheld Calculator 8 Digit
1 x SHARP EL-145A Semi-Desktop Calculator
1 x SHARP EL-240SAB Handheld Calculator 8 Digit
1 x SELLOTAPE Clear Large Core 12mm x 33m
1 x Design a file blue
1 x SELLOTAPE Invisible Small Core 18mm x 15m
1 x SELLOTAPE Sello Tear Small Core 18mm x 25m
1 x SELLOTAPE Clear Small Core 12mm x 15m
1 x SELLOTAPE Clear Small Core 18mm x 15m
1 x Design a file black
1 x Plastic Clipboard A4
1 x Whiteboard clipboard
1 x Masonite clipboard
1 x Supa-kill liquid 1lt
1 x Supa-Kill 3kg
1 x Rexel staples
1 x Croxley clear and neon 30cm
1 x Supa-kill 120gr
1 x Disa 15cm neon
1 x Supa-Kill 10kg
1 x Rexel stapler
1 x Liquid Bait Dispencer
1 x Supa-Kill 200ml