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Supa-Kill insect light trap

The Supa-Kill insect light trap machine have 3 x 15 watt UV-A powered protected shatterproof lamps. The machine covers up to 100 m2 square metre floor area. The machine must be wall mounted. Weight: 6.5 KG Dimensions: 585x180x350mm All of the units come standard with a glue board. All units must be positioned 3m from the ground and also not in view from outside the entrance that it is going to cover. The reason behind this is that it will attract the insects from outside into the facility. These machines are not 100% effective so the idea is to catch those insects that passage through your existing doors and windows. The Insect light traps tubes needs to be replaced on a yearly cycle or when needed. All units are suitable for areas which conform to HACCP standards.

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